Continually monitor, review and strive to improve the Quality System and processes

Establishing clear, measurable Quality Objectives in all areas of operation

Reduce our impact upon the environment through adjusting aspects of our performance

+ - World-Leading Performance in Executing Large-Scale Projects
Increasingly large and complex plant construction projects. By applying its high-quality engineering and outstanding project management skills, the goal of NAWRAS AL RAIDA is to meet clients’ needs in terms of quality, cost and delivery. Furthermore, the company anticipates client requirements throughout project exe- cution, adopting greater technical digitalization.
+ - Oil and Gas Production, Separation, and Integration
In the oil and gas upstream fields, NAWRAS AL RAIDA Group implements numerous projects and has extensive experience with oil and gas gathering facilities, separation plants, pressure boosting facilities, and other facilities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Additionally, it participates aggressively from the planning stage in resource development projects by the major oil firms and national oil companies of oil and gas producing nations. The company contributes to maximizing the investment effect and rapid realization of development plans by developing comprehensive proposals that extend from support for development planning to plant construction through to operation and maintenance it has several international funded and supportive partner companies With the development of large-scale onshore oil and gas resources having reached a peak, deep ocean projects as well as in 3D (Deep, Difficult, and Distant) locations far from the consumer are likely to steadily increase worldwide.
+ - Petroleum Refining
The demand for oil is likely to further increase globally as a transportation fuel and petrochemical raw material amid rapid economic advances by emerging countries. The NAWRAS AL RAIDA is capable of promptly responding to changes in petroleum refining by drawing on its extensive experience of construction petroleum refining plants worldwide. It also has substantial accumulated experience in the execution of refinery modernization projects involving heavy-oil cracking facilities such as FCCs (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) and hydro-crackers, as well as Greenfield and brownfield projects for sulfur-free gasoline and diesel fuel against a backdrop of stricter environmental regulations worldwide. It has many joint agreements with a large number of oil refineries around the world
+ - LNG
The NAWRAS AL RAIDA has agreements with major LNG companies in the world, including Qatargas and Gazprom. NAWRAS AL RAIDA was able to meet the requirements of many Asian and European countries by supplying them with LNG, as it was able to supply the Chinese market with more than 10 million tons of gas over a period of three years. As a leading LNG contractor, it has helped clients succeed in projects by meeting their needs. It expects growing demand, mainly in Asia, for LNG, which places less burden on the environment and can be consumed in locations far from the production site. In response to this increased demand, NAWRAS AL RAIDA plans for the exploitation of LNG resources in the Polar Regions that were previously considered too difficult to access, as well as the development of smaller gas fields are being explored. The company is striving to accumulate a variety of technologies that can increase LNG extraction, such as the utilization of modular construction for facilities, the installation of Hot Air Recirculation (HAR) prediction systems, and the practical use of FLNG.
+ - Gas Processing
The consumption of natural gas, which has the lowest CO2 emissions per unit of heating value among fossil fuels and allows for stable wide-area supply over pipeline networks, is significantly growing worldwide due to the expansion of electricity demand driven by economic advances in emerg-ing countries. Additionally, natural gas usage is likely to further expand thanks to advances in shale gas development, mainly in North America. The NAWRAS AL RAIDA, implementation has started construction projects for largescale gas processing plants throughout the world and hhe focus is now on the Sultanate of Oman and Iraq, leveraging its outstanding engineering technology and project management capabilities. Its activities are supporting the global expansion of natural gas usage.
+ - Petrochemicals and Gas Chemicals
The NAWRAS AL RAIDA has accumulated extensive experience in a wide range of fields that extends from petrochemical raw materials to related derivatives, such as ethylene, polyolefin, aromatics and others. For gas chemicals, a field with growing capital investment in recent years due to advances in shale gas development, the company has handled large projects in the Middle East and the United States, including downstream chemical plants mainly for large-scale ethane crackers. It also collaborates with its overseas EPC group companies to provide effective support for overseas initiatives by OMAN chemicals industry.

List of Other Notable Projects

Project period: 2006-2009
Client: Consolidated Refinery Group
Description: Participation in Engineering, dismantling, packing, shipping, refurbishing and
reconstruction works

Project period: 2007-2008
Client: Siemens – BEMCO
Description: Participation in Erection of three power houses with overhead cranes for the 300 MW gas
turbine power plant

Project period: 1997-1998
Client: Aden International Marine Terminal
Description: Participation in Supply, fabrication and erection of structural steel building and
installation of equipment

Project period: 1996-1997
Client: Kawasaki – Mitsubishi
Description: Participation in Supply, fabrication and erection of 2000 tons of structural steel for
miscellaneous buildings

Project period: 1995-1996
Client: KHD
Description: Participation in Supply, fabrication and erection of 1600 tons of structural steel for pre-heating
tower (120m height) and 8 steel tanks

Project period: 1996-1997
Client: C.C.C.
Description: Participation in Supply, fabrication and erection of 2600 tons of structures for silo supports and
other processes


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