Procurement Departement

NAWRAS AL RAIDA head office in Muscat is responsible
for selecting suppliers, preparing of tender documents, sending out of inquiries, bids evaluation, submitting of technical material for approval, issuing of Purchase Orders, expediting, inspection, customs, clearance, inland transportation, warehousing and allocating to ensure material/equipment arrive at
site as per project schedule



 NAWRAS AL RAIDA allocates the required professional personnel to carry out any
procurement activity in accordance with project /
client requirements

nawras al raida procurement


These activities are carried
out by a Procurement Manager responsible for coordinating all related activities having direct
responsibility for the department’s Project performance

Procurement Nawras Al Raıda


The Procurement Manager is assisted by a team of purchasing engineers; documents control personnel, quality engineers, expediting supervisor, vendor inspection supervisor, transportation supervisor, warehouse supervisor and all other necessary resources

Our aim of self-dependent works is to offer our customers the optimal solutions with least cost impact and a single point responsibility without the risk of duplication or fear of badly coordinated design and construction

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