Introduction NAWRAS AL RAIDA - Products

To create a sustainable society, NAWRAS AL RAIDA GROUPS continues to provide solutions that meet the needs of the real world by offering the best products and solutions

  • In the 25 years since its establishment in 1995, In the Name of AL-BANI GROUPS IN IRAQ has played an important role in providing solutions to a wide range of social and industrial needs, not only in IRAQ AND OMAN, but in areas around the world. These businesses include total engineering, consisting mainly of the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services of plants and facilities for oil & gas and infrastructure industries, and the manufacturing of catalysts, and fine chemicals, as well as environmental and energy consulting. Especially notable is its success in carrying out more than 200 projects in 15 countries, which has established its reputation as one of the engineering contractors in the world.
  • As the world moves toward the realization of a sustainable society through means such as decarburization, the demand for improved levels of sustainability and the greater sophistication of the advances required is rising. The NAWRAS AL RAIDA Group is transforming itself into a corporate group that deepens its existing business and explores new fields simultaneously, and continues to tackle the tasks that are necessary to promote the creation of a more sustainable world in terms of the environment as well as enabling social and economic progress.
  • The NAWRAS AL RAIDA Group comprises the holding company, NAWRAS AL RAIDA Holdings Corporation, and more than 30 member companies worldwide. The Group is engaged in a wide range of businesses including, principally, general plant engineering, functional materials manufacturing, and energy and environ-mental consulting.
  • In the fields of oil and gas and infrastructure, NAWRAS AL RAIDA Group activities call for the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of plants and facilities. General engineering overseas is carried out by NAWRAS AL RAIDA Corporation, while domestic projects are the responsibility of NAWRAS AL RAIDA IDEAL PROJECTS L.L.C. In the area of functional materials, NAWRAS AL RAIDA IDEAL PROJECTS L.L.C. manufactures catalysts and fine chemicals; NAWRAS AL RAIDA CORPORATION conducts the development, manufacture and sale of its products. In addition, NAWRAS AL RAIDA IDEAL PROJETCS is focused on consulting in the energy and environmental sectors.